Once in awhile someone comes along that makes
a difference in your life.

scrapple 1

Scrapple made a difference in my life,
he chose me as his friend.
I am honored.

Scrapple was born in my arms on November 28, 1992.
He died in my arms on November 28, 2007
He was a gentle pig; now forever,a gentle soul, filled with wisdom.

For over 12 contented, happy years Scrapple lead a good life
living with a wonderful family, Joan & Kevin Bunn.
They loved him deeply.
When Scrapple needed special care he came back to Ross Mill.


Richard and Scrapple heading back to the barn
on a warm autumn evening.

Scrapple and I sharing precious time in
"the peaceful place ".

Scrapple gave me "The Peaceful Place".
Every day for over two years I walked Scrapple into the woods to be fed,
I was giving him special prepared meals and exercise,
Each day he was giving me a few minutes of precious, quiet moments.

scrapple collage

Joan, Kevin, Richard & I will be forever thankful for the blessings and lessons Scrapple left us.

Goodbye Scrapple,
Until I meet you at "The Peaceful Place,
-- Susan