Mudslinger Vincent
August 24, 2003 - November 3, 2006

Mudslinger crossed Rainbow Bridge and the world lost an exceptional pig.
He was "some pig".
Mudslinger was an excellent representative of his breed.
He had a good sense of humor; he was talented and brilliant in his work.
He loved his life, he loved to work and he loved his family.
His zest for life showed in everything he did.
The world is a better place because he was here.
We will miss him dearly.

Remembering Mudslinger
by Susan Armstrong-Magidson

An orphan finds trust and security. The little white piglet that was taken to the county animal shelter was so frightened that he cowered in the corner of the cement stall and just shivered showing the whites of his eyes when he looked up at you. Anita Berg, a volunteer for the shelter and for Pig Placement Network, PPN, was called right away and immediately Anita had him home with her. She put him in her piglet pen she had used several times in the past with other orphaned piglets from the shelter.

Bo Jangles had been brought home as a present for three, active, young, playful children. The goodhearted couple found the 4 week old piglet boar for sale at a country store, no one bothered to tell them how to take care of a pig. Nor did they ask, they assumed a piglet would be much the same as a puppy. The young family had him only three days when they realized they needed to return the piglet. The store would not take the piglet back so the family relinquished him to the shelter.

It took Anita some time to gain the trust of the terrified piglet. Anita's kind heart and gentle nurturing ways soon won Bo Jangles over. Anita had him neutered, wormed and given his annual vaccination. Bo Jangles was soon healthy, socialized and ready to go to Ross Mill, where he would find a new family.

Waiting for a new home. There were three other piglets in the kitchen waiting for a new home when Bo Jangles arrived. He never fought with anyone. When Anita brought him to Ross Mill you would not have known he was once a scared piglet, Anita healed him of his fears. He paid no attention to the other pigs. Almost like he knew something the other pigs didn't, like he was intellectually beyond them. He was very athletic, not one of our barriers between rooms was going to keep Bo Jangles in like it did for the rest of the house pigs! He wiggled his way into the piggy parlor and was snuggling next to the matriarch of the farm, Lulabelle, right next to the fireplace... the number one position in the whole farm!

He responded to music and was always focused on what you were doing. He was too much for the average family. Cute as a button & everyone wanted him, but he was willful, too smart for the average person, highly food motivated and very athletic. The longer I cared for him the more I realized Bo Jangles needed to be seriously trained to manage his energy and intelligence.

The perfect match...I had been thinking of John Vincent for him... just thinking until one evening the phone rang, it was John. For 10 minutes I talked non-stop about Bo Jangles, when I took a breath I asked John "What did you call for?" and his reply was he was "thinking" about getting another pig and was going to ask me if I knew of any! In a week Bo Jangles was living with John and Lynne Vincent.

Saying Goodbye to BoJangles,
The night before he left Ross Mill.

Mudslinger Joins the Vincent Family
By John Vincent

Bacon was 14 years old and Porkchop was 13 when I thought it was time to get them some help with the shows.

Porkchop performing

John with Bacon and Porkchop

Love at first sight...I planned 6 months to findthe rightpig and one year to do thetraining. I wanted a rescue pig because it makes such a great story to take an unwanted animal and make something out of it. I wanted a bold, smart, athletic, out going, high energy pig. So I called Susan to ask her to be on the look out for such a pig. Before I couldask shetalked on and on about this 6 month old pig she had. It seemed to have all the qualifications I was looking for, but already? Susan emailed me pictures that night. He was cute, but what baby pig isn't? Susan and I talked one more time (she really believed in this guy), so we made travel arrangementsand he was on his way by plane.

He was a little unsure in the van on the ride home but once in the house he came to life. I was veryconcerned thatall the pigs would overwhelm and scare him. But that was not the case at all; he acted like he had just gotten home from a long trip.

He was a natural...His confidence was amazing and he seemed to like the other pigs immediately. He also knew hewasthe fastest and all he needed to do was jump out the way. He learned to use the Hog Door in minutes and learned the way to the barn in one trip. It was as if he had been going to the barn to help feed the horses his whole life. Come to find out he had becausethat was his self appointed job at Susan's house also.

I was going to give the new guy 2 weeks to settle in before we hit the books (start training), but after 2 days he seemed to want to get started. He learns at an incredible rate andI knew this guy was special. I wanted a real pig name for him and after a month of thinking and Susan's approval he was named Mudslinger.

Porkchop Bacon & Mudslinger

A star is born...Pet Star had been asking me for the past 2 seasons to bring a pig to Hollywood to compete. Season 3 would be filmed in 3 months and that meant Mudslinger would have only 6 months of training and would be under the age of one; a large task for such a young pig. Mudslinger worked hard andwas alreadyperformingin shows. Mudslinger was marvelous so we gave Pet Star the thumbs up.

Mudslinger's Pet Star show was made up of all professional animals: a dog from Universal Studios, a perform bird from Texas, a dog just off the road from a tour across the US and more. This would be an up hill battle. Mudslinger did a perfect performance and when the dust settled he had won with perfect score of 30 points.

See the video of Mudslinger

Not only is Mudslinger a great performer he is also a great pet anda true friend. Some may think he is too busy, too loud, maybe even too smart, but I think he is just right. As we go to the barn to feed the horses or as we learn new tricks or as we sit on the couch together I think how some one could give thisguy up.

All animals like to learn using positive reinforcement and all animals can do some amazing things if given the chance. Mudslinger likes to show that with some time and effort, all animals have value -even the ones in rescues. And while not all pigs are as smart as Mudslinger, there are plenty of pigs in rescues that would make great pets and bring joy to their family's life. Mudslinger wants to give Anita and Susan and all the people who help support the rescue a big thank you for making it possible to get a second chance tofind a home.

Mudslinger worked regularly with Bacon and Porkchop entertaining kids of all ages and has traveled from coast to coast. As Charlotte thespider said


Mudslinger on the road performing...

Trained pigs to ham it up at county fair.

Franktown-based 'Top Hogs' perform sports, comedy acts
Leticia Steffen, Camera Staff Writer -- Saturday, July 22, 2006

Daily Camera News Article

Watch a video of Mudslinger in a private lesson with John and read the article in the Daily Camera.

You can see more of Mudslinger on the newly released DVD Life is full of Tales featuring the Vincent family of animals.

An unforgettable cast of characters make up this fun-loving, hard-working, play-happy pack of pets. Prepare to be amazed as these prime time pets share their stories and show you a kickin good time at their home and on the range!

San Diego Fair, Summer of 2006

Mudslinger getting pats from his fans
Mudslinger Performing
Mudslinger picks out a pink pig for a fan and gives it to her.

"Some Pig"

Goodnight Mudslinger, until we meet again.