Pet Pig Harness


Modified "A" Design. The primary function of a harness is to provide a means for the owner to communicate intended behavior and movement. How the harness fits is critical to good communication.

The Comfort Fit Safety Harness is positioned just behind the apex of the shoulder. The modified "A" design allows the pet pig more freedom of movement and gives you better control

Ultra Comfort.
The Comfort Fit Safety Harness is designed to provide maximum comfort and avoid chafing.

Made from 4000 lbs. test combed nylon, for softer finish, it features reversed sewn seams. There are no sharp edges or rough spots to irritate tender skin.

Easy to Put On - Safer to Wear. The Comfort Fit Safety Harness has two quick-release safety snaps positioned on the left side. That makes a big difference.

It's easier to put on by draping over the shoulder to snap. It's safer and easier to take off because it does not need to be pulled over the head.

Unconditionally Guaranteed. Crafted from the finest materials made in the U.S.A., each harness is designed to last a lifetime. Should it fail for any reason, the same size and color harness will be replaced free of charge.

There is simply no better harness for your pig.
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Size Strap Width Neck & Girth Adjustments Price
5/8" 14" to 20" $17.00
5/8" 19" to 29" $19.00
1.0" 23" to 41" $23.00
1.0" 35" to 53" $26.00
Leads - Matching Colors 5/8" 6.0'

Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Pink and Purple

Custom sizes and colors available.
Visa & Mastercard accepted.

Leads (Matching colors) (1.0")