Spring Tips


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One of the things we love most about our piggy companions is how much they remind us of ourselves. This is particularly true in the spring. Pet pigs get spring fever and they feel and express the joy just as we do... The thing about winter is that it is just three months to long!

At the Ross Mill Farm we see a behavior that many call "Rodeo Pig". They come bounding outside on a nice day and almost do flips and twirls of pure delight spinning around. It makes you want to join them and sing an "Ode to Spring". Of course spring has its challenges for all of us...Your piggy friend included

Rooting For Joy

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Pigs are a natural opportunistic grazing animal and the winter provides less to graze on. Spring can be a challenge because they want to be outside and graze before the grass is full and healthy enough to support their nibbling. Closely monitor their yard time. Their digestive system needs to adjust to this new addition to their diet. This is also the time of year we see more rooting and the damage it can cause. There are two reasons:

1. The grass is short and weak from the winter and more likely to be damaged.
2. The little critters "Bugs"...etc. are closer to the surface and they can make a tasty  morsels...If you root them up!

One other thing to remember about rooting in general is that pigs like to root more after a rain when the ground is softer and the bugs are closer to the surface.  
To control destructive rooting, limit their time following a good rain. Just tell them to be patient...Ho, Ho, Ho!

What to do...Shorten their time outside. It helps the grass re-establish itself and will provide better grazing later and it will help you control their weight. As a general rule we reduce the Champion food they eat by 1 oz per hour of grazing.

Don't Let Spring Bug You

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Spring is also the time of year we see more pigs with ticks. Yes they have a layer of "fat" that helps protect them more then other animals but ticks, flies and other insects can still be a problem.  Inspect them often. Pay special attention behind the ears, between the front legs and neck.  Carefully remove ticks if found and check the site for infection. Use an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin® if necessary. 
You may want to consider giving them some protection as well. There are two products we use on the farm. Both can be purchased in our on-line pig store.

spring tips 11Protect you and your pet with LIQUID NET® All natural Insect Repellent for people and pets. 100% Guaranteed. This one is all-natural, contains No DEET, Safe, Non-greasy and has a pleasant scent. It comes in two strengths and forms. Maximum strength for pets in a 12 oz triggers spray and an 8 oz lower strength pump spray for you. 

The Ultimate Pet Insect Repellent BUY ON-LINE

Skin-So-Soft...This product has been used for many years by pig owners as an Insect Repellent. It not only helps to protect them from bugs, it helps with dry skin and leaves a shinny healthy appearance.  Skin-So-Soft seems to work and has a pleasant scent although its protection is short lived. Remember to dilute 10 to 1.

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AVON® Original Bath Oil 

Wormer For Warmer Weather

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In the spring when pigs begin to graze again they naturally come in contact with bugs and larva that can develop into intestinal worms and parasites. We recommend worming at least twice a year...Spring and Fall. It's easy and safe if you use Ivomec® or Dectomax®for swine and dose by weight. Not only will it take care of worms it also works on mites.

Your vet can administer the wormer/mite control by shot or it is available from the farm at (215) 322-1539 with consultation and directions for use as a topical dressing on food. Worm symptoms include a drop in weight, excessive hunger and change in behavior and you may even see the worms in their manure. Always consult your vet when you notice any change from their normal behavior.

Remember in most cases worming and mite control will require two treatments about 10 days apart to interrupt the worm's reproductive cycle and completely eliminate the parasite. These wormers work by keeping the larva from developing into adults and reproducing.

Enjoy Your Spring

Spring is finally here. With a few precautions and some common sense you and your piggy should have a wonderful time...Enjoy it.

Visit the farm store and see what's new for spring...As an example:

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Visit the store often...we are always adding new things to help you and your pet pig enjoy your time together.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

The Ross Mill Farm "Home of The Pet Pig" is just a phone call away. If you need more information on the care of your Pet Pig, just give us a call. Ask for Susan (215) 322-1539. We are here to help.