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Holiday Happenings and Hazards
The holidays are very special but potentially a stressful time for Pet Pigs

Guest and grunts

Pigs for the most part lead a simple life of routine, familiar surrounding and companion support. It helps them to stay focused and feel secure. Imagine what it must be like to have their world suddenly turned upside down with holiday activity. Guest, people they do not know who want to pet them, new sounds, children playing, food everywhere.

What to do?...Respect their needs. Provide a place where they can be alone; a familiar quite place that is their own away from the crowd. Of course you will want share the holidays with your little friend. If you have to make visits to their special place go in very small groups. Don't crowd or allow guests to feed them treats.

On the farm we use Bash Rescue Remedy to manage a variety of stressful situations including changes in their environment. Rescue Remedy might be a good idea for both of you. Its a safe, effective treatment for the whole family.

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Trees make a great place to nest...and leave gifts

A pig is a natural nesting animal and the forest is their natural habitat. That Christmas tree reminds them of the outdoors; a great place to make a nest or do other things. Their thinking yum I can use those branched to make a nice new home. I will just take a and dad won't miss them...and there goes the tree and all the trimming.

Since the outdoors is also where they prefer to do their business they may leave you an unexpected different kind of present, under that tree, then you were hoping for.

What to do?... Keep the tree and electric cords off the ground up high out of harms way. You can also try to keep your little one out of the roomBut thats easer said then done.

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Watch out for poisonous holiday plants and other tempting things

Heres a quick primer from Pet Poison HELPLINETM

  • Poinsettia- Not as toxic as you think, Keep away, can make them sick
  • Mistletoe-This one is bad, Keep away from all pets and children
  • Baking and cookie dough- Can expand in stomach and create alcohol in toxic amounts.
  • Chocolate- Depending on the type of chocolate, there is a possibility for severe toxicity with even small ingestions. The reason? A chemical in the cocoa called theobromine. Certain chocolates have very concentrated amounts making them dangerous.
  • For more information visit their web site

What to do?... If you think you pet pig has eaten something poisonous, call the Pet Poison HELPLINE and keep Hydrogen peroxide 3% (within expiration date) on hand in case you are instructed to induce vomiting. There is a $35.00 fee per case including follow-up.

Holiday ideas for the Pig Person on your shopping list

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