Summer Tips

Summer presents special problems for the pet pig. These tips will help you manage and avoid dangerous situations...

Q. What special care does my pet pig need in the summer?

A. Pet pigs are susceptible to sun burn and heat stroke just like we are, white or light pigs even more so.

Be careful...provide a place to get in the shade, use a good sun block and make sure they have plenty of fresh water. Remember pigs cannot sweat like we do. That's why they like to make mud holes in warm weather.

Signs of heat stroke may include some or all of these symptoms: Panting, elevated body temperature (a normal body temperature is about 99 to 101 degrees, use a rectal thermometer to check) lethargic or confused behavior. If you suspect trouble, call a vet at once and start first aid.

Heat stroke and sun burn are dangerous. They can come on quickly. The vet has drugs that can help lower body temperature but you will need to administer First Aid until help is available.

First Aid includes getting them out of the heat and cooled down quickly. Use a shower or bath of cold water and ice packs if necessary.

Q. Are there other dangers?

A. Your in ground swimming pool can be dangerous too

Since pigs do not have sweat glands they need to find other ways to stay cool. They love to make mud holes and if your yard can accommodate them, great. If not, a children's shallow wading pool is fine. The real danger is your in ground pool. ONCE THEY GET IN... THEY CANNOT GET OUT AND WILL DROWN... BE CAREFUL

Enjoy the summer...summer heat and sun does not mean you need to hide you pet pig inside all day. It does mean you should be careful, provide the right environment and watch their behavior.

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